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Welcome California State University employees

These pages are designed to provide you with information about your Delta Dental programs:

  • Delta Dental PPO Program
    (Group numbers 4018 and 4918)
  • DeltaCare USA
    (Group number 2034)

Delta Dental PPO Program

The Delta Dental PPO Network is offered by Delta Dental of California, one of the nation's largest and most experienced dental benefits carriers. This program offers the ultimate in flexibility and savings. Below is a brief explanation of your three choices:

Delta Dental PPO Network
The dentists in the Delta Dental PPO Network are a select group of Delta Dental dentists who have agreed to charge lower fees for their services than other dentists. Generally, you’ll save 23 – 30% on most services. Along with your savings, you will be responsible only for your portion of the bill and you avoid having to file claim forms. With more than 16,000 Delta Dental PPO dentists in California, there are plenty of opportunities for you to save.

Delta Dental Premier Network
Delta Dental Premier Network dentists have agreed to Delta Dental’s determination of fees. This means, on average, you receive savings of 6% on most billed charges. You are responsible only for your portion of the bill and you also avoid filing claim forms. There are more than 27,000 Delta Premier Network dentists in California which makes it easy for you to realize savings.

Non-Delta Dental Dentists
If you choose to visit a dentist who is not part of the Delta Dental Network, the fees for any services you receive have not been pre-negotiated. Therefore, your costs may be higher than if you visited a Delta Dental dentist. Furthermore, you must pay the dentist for your service(s) and then file a claim form for reimbursement.

While you can choose any dentist for treatment, it is to your advantage to choose a Delta Dental dentist. When you choose a Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental Premier Network Dentist you will receive all of the advantages of going to a Delta Dental dentist, and you will have a higher level of savings for many services.

DeltaCare® USA
DeltaCare USA is a dental health maintenance association that offers a large network of carefully screened dentists. DeltaCare USA offers comprehensive benefits, including orthodontia, and easy referrals to specialists.

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