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Welcome, Texas A&M University System employees & retirees

Delta Dental is one of the nation's largest and most experienced dental benefits carriers, with more than 50 years of experience. We are committed to providing exceptional service and an extensive network of dentists for you to choose from.

The A&M System offers two dental plans.

The A&M Dental (PPO) Plan allows a choice of dentists: network (PPO and Premier) and non-network (non-Delta Dental) . The greatest savings can be achieved through a network dentist. These dentists have agreed to specific fee schedules, and you are not liable for any costs over reasonable and customary fees. Delta Dental has two levels of network dentists: PPO (fees reduced by about 30%) and Premier (fees reduced by about 15%). If you have the A&M Dental (PPO) Plan, be sure to look for dentists in the PPO and/or Premier networks.

The DeltaCare USA (dental HMO) Plan requires you to use a DeltaCare USA (dental HMO) network dentist. Currently, DeltaCare USA is available to A&M System employees and retirees in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Colorado, New York and Utah.

Find information about the A&M Dental (PPO) and DeltaCare USA (dental HMO) plans to help you make the right dental benefits selection for you and your family here. (Please select the “Dental” bookmark on the left side of the document.)



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