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Delta Dental is pleased to welcome all MDC employees to the Delta Dental benefits web site. With over 50 years of dental experience, Delta Dental is committed to providing you with exceptional service and an extensive network of dentists to choose from.

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Managing Your Plan

Resources to help you maximize your dental coverage.

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Dentists who accept Delta Dental will file claims for you. You only need to file a claim when visiting a non-Delta Dental dentist.

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Finding a Delta Dentist

MDC enrollees will usually save more with a Delta Dental PPOSM dentist than with a Delta Dental Premier® or out-of-network dentist. Use our online Find a Dentist search to locate a dentist convenient to your home or office.

All Delta Dental dentists likely will save you money, but you'll usually save more with a Delta Dental PPOSM dentist than with a Delta Dental Premier® dentist.

Your Group Information

Delta Dental group number for MDC:
FL 06756
Delta Dental's regional office address for claim forms and correspondence:
Delta Dental Insurance Company
P.O. Box 1809
Alpharetta, GA 30023-1809
Delta Dental's toll-free phone number for questions:

Oral Health and Wellness

Oral Health and Wellness

SmileWaySM Wellness

Our SmileWay Wellness program can help you improve your dental health. You manage your level of participation: Your smile. Your health. Your way.

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Dental Cavity Quiz

How safe is your smile?

Just for kids!
Just for kids!

Dental health tips, games and stories for kids & health education materials for teachers.

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Obtain benefit and eligibility information, claims status, and more.

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