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Memorial Hermann Health Plan has partnered with Delta Dental to provide dental benefits under your Memorial Hermann Medicare Advantage plan. Please review your plan Evidence of Coverage certificate to ensure you fully understand the dental benefits offered with your specific plan. Contact Delta Dental directly at 888-845-6023 for questions regarding your benefits or help finding an in-network provider.

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Benefit Information

Memorial Hermann Advantage HMO

Learn more about your Memorial Hermann Medicare Advantage dental benefits from Delta Dental.

Delta Dental Medicare Advantage DHMO requires the assignment of a Primary Care Dentist. You must visit your assigned network dentist in order to receive plan benefits.1 A dentist is automatically assigned by Delta Dental during the enrollment process. You can change your dentist at any time. To change your assigned dentist, you must call Delta Dental at 888-845-6023.

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Memorial Hermann Advantage Plus — new for 1/1/2021

Learn more about your Memorial Hermann Medicare Advantage Plus dental benefits from Delta Dental.

We recognize that many factors affect the choice of dentist and therefore support your right to freely choose your treating dentist within your network. You may see any participating provider for your covered treatment. In addition, you can see different participating providers within your network.

Remember, you may only receive benefits for covered services provided by a participating provider. In order to receive benefits under this plan, the dental care you receive must be covered services and they must be provided by a participating provider. The plan does not pay benefits for dental care that are not covered services and to be entitled to benefits for covered services they must be provided by a participating provider, unless the services are provided in an emergency. Delta Dental contracts with licensed dentists who participate in other dental plans offered by Delta Dental. Not all of these dentists agree or contract with Delta Dental to be a participating provider this dental plan for Memorial Hermann Medical Advantage beneficiaries. We recommend that you verify that the dentist you select is a participating provider in this dental plan before each appointment.

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  • 1In WY, you do not need to select a primary care dentist, but you must visit a DeltaCare USA dentist to receive benefits. In the following states, you can maximize your savings when you visit a DeltaCare USA dentist, although you may visit any licensed dentist and receive out-of-network coverage: AK, CT, LA, ME, MS, MT, NC, ND, NH, OK, SD, VT. Refer to your plan booklet for details about your out-of-network benefits.

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