Choose a Dentist

Our search tool makes it easy.

With the AARP® Dental Insurance Plan, enrollees have convenient access to one of the nation's largest networks* of qualified dentists—chances are, he or she already participates in one of our networks. To find a dentist, use our provider directory.

  • Enter your dentist's name in the appropriate field
  • Select the network or networks in which you're interested
  • Click Search

If your dentist isn't part of our network or you need a new dentist, just enter your city and state or zip code, select your preferred network, and click Search.

The PPO and Premier networks are both part of our PPO plan. And while you can visit any licensed dentist, you'll typically save more with a PPO dentist since they have agreed to reduced fees.

DeltaCare USA enrollees will need to select a primary dentist at the time of enrollment. Your primary dentist will provide referrals to any DeltaCare USA specialists you need to see.

*Report by Ignition Group, 2010.

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