Community, State and Government Dental Programs

"Our participation in state and government programs enables us to reach millions of underserved children and adults in several different states. In addition to providing much-needed dental services, we’re also able to focus on disease prevention and preventive care. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help improve the oral health of these populations and are proud to be of service."
Jeff Seybold, Vice President, State Government Programs

Delta Dental proudly participates in several state and county-based programs that provide dental benefits to underserved populations.

In California, we administer the Denti-Cal program, which provides dental benefits to 6.5 million Medicaid beneficiaries. Delta Dental also administers California’s Healthy Families program — an outgrowth of the federally funded Children’s Health Insurance Program — along with several other county-sponsored “Healthy Kids” programs, which provide benefits to children of low-income families who do not qualify for Medicaid or Healthy Families.

In Texas, Delta Dental administers dental benefits for the uninsured children of working families through Texas CHIP Dental Services. Enrollment has surpassed 325,000.

Effective June 1, 2010 three new programs administered by Delta Dental were offered through Superior HealthPlan. The STAR Health (TX Foster Care) program provides dental coverage for children and young adults (currently in foster care or participants in the Former Foster Care for Higher Education program) through their 22nd birthday. Superior also provides value-added dental services for adults who are currently enrolled in Superior’s STAR+PLUS Medicaid program in the Bexar and Nueces Service Areas, as well as Medicare eligible members residing in Bexar County, enrolled in the Advantage by Superior Medicare managed care program.

Another new program in Texas through Superior HealthPlan became effective September 1, 2010. Superior STAR – Pregnant Women is a value-added benefit for adult pregnant women enrolled in Superior’s STAR program in the Bexar, Nueces, El Paso, Travis and Lubbock Service Delivery Areas.

With virtually all of these programs, we administer benefits at an extremely low or revenue-neutral administrative rate — something most for-profit companies would find difficult to justify to their shareholders and investment partners.

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