Benefits Selection Guide

As we age, our dental health needs evolve. Employees with young families will have different needs and expectations for online services than those empty-nesters nearing retirement. Choose your dental benefits based upon what will best suit your workforce by working with your Delta Dental sales account executive to identify workforce characteristics. The following identify the health trends associated with different generations.

Young Workers (20s and 30s)

  • Least challenged in terms of oral health
  • Benefit most from prevention
  • High demand for easy online access to benefits information

Established Employees (40s and 50s)

  • Restorative procedures more common
  • Appreciate access to expertise and resources
  • Seek to gain better understanding of specific oral health issues
  • Expect choice and are more likely to pay for the best possible care
  • Want benefits and flexible access for their dependents

Nearing Retirement (60s and 70s)

  • Remaining in the workforce longer
  • Chronic conditions may occur
  • May not be aware of the importance of regular examinations
  • May inaccurately believe that preventive care is no longer relevant

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