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Approximately 30 percent of Americans with dental benefits are covered by the member companies of the Delta Dental Plans Association. 1 In fact, Delta Dental member companies have been rated the top carrier in more major markets than any other national carriers for the past three years running. 2

Exceptional Cost Control Features

Our experience as a dental expert means that you can benefit from the cost control features incorporated into our dentist contracts. These features saved $2.3 billion last year. 3

Experience and Stability

As member companies of the Delta Dental Plans Association, the nation’s largest and most experienced dental benefits system, our enterprise knows what it takes to provide access to great dental care. Our claims processing systems are designed specifically to administer dental benefits; our enrollees and clients are supported by knowledgeable experts with backgrounds in dental health and dental benefits.

National Access; Local Service

Our membership in the Delta Dental Plans Association means that our enrollees have access to the largest dentist networks in the U.S. 4 We attribute the network size, strength and stability to locally based recruitment, dentist relationships and speedy claims payment. By employing more licensed dentists and dental professionals on staff than other dental carriers, we ensure that dentist's needs and concerns are represented – a cornerstone of maintaining network credibility and stability.

Attractive Choices

Delta Dental offers an extensive array of plan designs, product features and funding options. Our products offer features including implant coverage, pregnancy periodontal cleanings, maximum waiver options for diagnostic and preventive services, and flexible dual-choice designs that can be applied to a variety of premium contribution and funding options. 5

Value-Added Features

Delta Dental offers you more than great dental insurance and improved oral health. Some of the reasons clients love us include:

  • Emphasis on wellness that provides more than just lip service. Our SmileWay SM Wellness Program provides information, interactive tools and games that encourage and empower enrollees to be active participants in managing their oral and overall health.
  • A strong service model. Each client is supported by an experienced team of account managers and service specialists who understand your specific plan and are responsive to your needs.
  • A full complement of tools that make administering your dental plan easier. Check benefits, download forms and update and manage eligibility and billing.
  • 1 National Statistics published by Delta Dental Plans Association, December 2008
  • 2 Long Group, 2008
  • 3 Based on our annual cost management study for 2007
  • 4 DeltaCare ® USA enrollees have access to state-level dentist networks.
  • 5 Not all features are available with all products. For more information, please contact your Delta Dental sales office.

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