Delta Dental Premier®


Delta Dental Premier is our original network-based fee-for-service plan. This program is ideal for group purchasers that wish to offer their employees and dependents unfettered access to any licensed dentist in the world while providing sound protection from unnecessary expenses.


  • Potential savings when you visit a Delta Dental Premier dentist instead of a non-Delta Dental dentist
  • Freedom to choose any licensed dentist, anywhere in the world
  • The nation’s largest dental networks – more than four out of five practicing dentists participate1
  • Balance billing protection for employees and their dependents when visiting a network dentist
  • Payments to Delta Dental dentists based on accepted fees
  • Claims convenience: Our network dentists handle all claims paperwork and most inquiries for Delta Dental patients

Cost Protection

Many indemnity plans don’t provide a network that can save enrollees out-of-pocket costs. Delta Dental Premier offers a network of dentists who accept our contracted amount as payment in full, and cannot "balance bill" patients for any amounts above accepted fees.

How the Plan Works

While most indemnity dental plans are not supported by a dental network, Delta Dental Premier is a network-based indemnity product. This means that enrollees who choose to visit a Premier network dentist will on average have lower out-of-pocket costs than with other carriers’ non-network-based indemnity plans. Not only does Delta Dental Premier offer enrollees the freedom to visit any dentist, it also provides meaningful quality and cost protections. Since Delta Dental Premier dentists agree to accept fees that are generally lower than average submitted fees for an area, a Delta Dental Premier plan can potentially provide savings for both employers and employees alike.

Delta Dental Premier chart
  • 1Delta Dental Plans Association, Network Statistics, March 2009

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