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DeltaCare USA is our prepaid plan that features set copayments, no annual deductibles and no maximums for covered benefits. In most states, enrollees must select a primary care dentist in the DeltaCare USA network from whom they receive treatment as in a traditional dental HMO.1

Our DeltaCare USA plans promote great dental health for your employees and their families with quality dental benefits at an affordable cost. By covering many diagnostic and preventive services at no cost or with very low copayments, we encourage regular preventive dental visits. Enrollees select a DeltaCare USA dentist to provide most covered services1. All of our network dentists’ offices are independently-owned, and must adhere to Delta Dental’s standards of care, quality and service.


  • Extensive benefits
  • No deductible or annual dollar maximums
  • No copayments or low copayments for most diagnostic and preventive services
  • Coverage for more than 250 procedures, including additional cleanings, bleaching, and tooth whitening
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions or missing teeth
  • Clearly defined out-of-pocket costs
  • Low turnover of network dentists; enrollees can establish a long-term relationship with their dentists
  • Ability to change selected or assigned network dentists via telephone or Internet
  • Easy referrals to a large specialty care network
  • No claim forms to complete
  • Expanded business hours for toll-free customer service
  • Outstanding quality assurance program that includes credentialing, a quality management program and regular office visits.
  • 1In Alaska, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Vermont, DeltaCare USA is offered as an open access plan where enrollees can obtain treatment from any licensed dentist; however, deductibles and maximums may be applied to out-of-network treatment.

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