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Dental benefits to brighten smiles and futures

While your smiles are our main focus, we’re also committed to improving overall health and enhancing lives in the communities we serve. That’s why we not only build our plans around wellness, but also make it a priority to support groups, organizations and research with the goal of creating healthier, happier communities. Take a look.

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A dental carrier who gives back

Through the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation, we provide funding and support to advance dental research, education and access to care in underserved populations. Typical projects support dental clinics, oral health literacy programs, and scientific research aimed at reducing treatment costs.

Giving back isn’t limited to oral health. We also contribute to various nonprofit groups and help with disaster relief. In 2017, we supported relief and recovery efforts by donating funds, dental kits and other supplies benefiting communities in California, Texas, Florida, the Gulf Coast and Puerto Rico.

Do you have a project you want sponsored? See if it qualifies for funding.

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Exclusive oral health and wellness research

As part of the Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA),1 we support the Oral Healthcare Measures Study, which analyzes utilization of preventive services from more than 118 million dental claims. This data helps us create smarter plan designs and educational materials to improve your group’s dental health.

DDPA also publishes Oral Health & Well-Being Surveys, which give us insights into the habits, beliefs and concerns Americans have surrounding their dental health and overall wellness. This allows us to build benefits that better encourage healthy habits and help enrollees reach their oral health goals.

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Dental plan features that promote wellness

The health of gums and teeth is part of a bigger picture — overall body health. See how our plans support a culture of wellness that can help boost your enrollees’ smiles and well-being.

The SmileWay® Wellness Program

Free to all groups, the SmileWay Wellness Program offers engaging oral health resources — like themed wellness kits, interactive quizzes and risk assessment tools — to all groups and their enrollees at no cost.

SmileWay Wellness Benefits

You can enhance your PPO plan with an extra benefit that provides added coverage to enrollees with certain medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis or stroke. This can help prevent or halt the progression of disease, which can help you manage dental and medical expenses down the road.2

Your Dental Health Summary — a wellness report from SmileWay

Your Dental Health Summary report highlights areas where your group is doing well, and helps identify areas where enrollees can improve oral health. You’ll get actionable information so you can take targeted next steps for outreach.2

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1 Our enterprise companies participate in the Oral Healthcare Measures Study by providing claims and network data for analysis. Data represents claims from the entire Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA), a network of 39 Delta Dental member companies of which our enterprise companies are members or affiliates of members. 2 Availability of benefits may vary by plan; rating impact may apply. These features are unavailable to small businesses. In Texas, SmileWay Wellness Benefits are called SmileWay Enhanced Benefits.
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