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Our client-focused approach addresses every aspect of the customer experience.

Easy Administration

For benefits administrators:

  • Designated account manager.
  • Cost analysis on new business and renewals.
  • Comprehensive utilization reporting.
  • Open enrollment and health fair support.
  • Online tools such as real-time eligibility maintenance, electronic billing, dental care Cost Estimator, eligibility status and online forms.
  • Online resources including electronic newsletters.

For enrollees:

  • Knowledgeable and well-trained customer service representatives.
  • Toll-free customer service with language assistance available.
  • Easy online services, e-mail inquiry, eligibility and benefits lookup, print ID card.
  • Online dentist directories with maps and driving directions.
  • Delta Dental dentists handle all paperwork and claims at no cost to the patient.
  • Delta Dental pays dentists directly – patients don’t wait for reimbursement from us.

Professional Treatment Standards

  • All network dentists are recruited following an exacting national standard that incorporates strict credentialing procedures, and are monitored to meet ongoing quality assessment and re-credentialing standards.
  • Our fraud and abuse system calculates normative behavior within dentist peer groups and creates utilization report cards for dentists whose utilization vary from our statistical norms.


  • With our extensive internal database, we can create a range of reports from simple group activity summaries to detailed, customized cost containment analyses.
  • Several reports include normative data from our historical database of claims that can help groups analyze and confirm that their programs are efficient and effective.

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Small Business Offering

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The mouth and the body are connected - more than 120 conditions may be detected in the early stages by a dentist.

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