Delta Dental's Online Self-Service Features

We offer many resources to help you manage your Delta Dental eligiblity and billing information, view enrollee benefits and more.

Simplify your billing and reconciliation process

Delta Dental can move your billing and reconciliation process online. Our Online Billing and Reconciliation application lets users:

  • View and download current and historical invoices in an Excel-based format.
  • Reconcile the Delta Dental invoice with the electronic remittance file.
  • Submit enrollee additions, changes and terminations for invoice reconciliation.
  • Manage payments online and track payment history.

Managing eligibility online

Delta Dental’s eligibility management application lets you make real-time updates to your enrollee eligibility information. You can feel confident that this information is immediately available for Delta Dental dentists to view online, which means you receive fewer questions from your enrollees.

Our online system lets you add, terminate and transfer enrollees with just a few key strokes.

Other Features

Our other Online Services provide a variety of tools designed to let enrollees and benefits administrators look up information easily and quickly.

Enrollees and benefits administrators can:

  • Check eligibility information for the enrollee and family members
  • Find specifics about coverage and benefits
  • Look up average dental fees in the enrollees' area
  • Find a dentist or vision provider

Enrollees can also check:

  • Status of claims in progress
  • Details for claims already processed

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