Small business plan designs

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Out-of-the-box solutions for off-the-shelf dental plans

We’ll be honest. It can be difficult to design plans for small groups that check all the boxes. That’s why we got creative when we designed our Small Business Program portfolio, so you can compete for top talent without breaking the budget.

With contribution options, flexible benefits designs and attractive optional features to choose from, you can configure a plan that’s perfect for your unique needs.


More than the bare-minimum dental benefits

Delta Dental plans offer the attractive benefits your enrollees are looking for. White fillings? Extra cleanings? Missing tooth coverage? Orthodontics? Check, check, check and check.

In fact, our products stand out in a crowd. Our Delta Dental PPOTM plans1 offer implant coverage for groups of all sizes, and a claims cost safety net with our Delta Dental Premier® network. And all DeltaCare® USA plans2 cover teeth whitening, night guards, and orthodontics for children and adults.

Dental plan options with room to grow

Our plans allow for flexibility. Many of our plans allow groups to choose between varying coinsurance, deductible and maximum levels. And even if it’s not an option built into the plan, we’ve built variety into our portfolio so you can put the fit in benefits.

Attractive optional features

Another easy way to adjust your small business plan is to add one of our optional plan features. Want to offer enrollees more balance billing protection? Or the ability to waive diagnostic and preventive care from their annual maximum?3 We’ve got those features and then some.

Contribution options for optimal flexibility

You know your employees best, so you’ll know what really matters to them. We offer both voluntary and employer-paid dental plans, so you can weigh your options with peace of mind.

If your enrollees value rich coverage with all the trimmings, consider a plan that allows you to share costs with your enrollees. On the flip side, if you’re looking to cut down on your enrollees’ monthly premium, you might offer more basic coverage and pay 100% of the premium.

Any way you slice it, you should feel good knowing you’re offering your enrollees the coverage they need to stay healthy.

Want to know more about our small business plans?

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1 Delta Dental PPO is not available to small groups contracted in MS 2 DeltaCare USA is not available for small groups contracted in DE, LA, MT or UT 3 D&P Maximum Waiver® option not available in DC, DE, MD, NY, PA or WV
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