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Dental Emergencies

Here is what you need to know if you or a family member needs after-hours or urgent care:

  • Before an emergency arises, find out how to contact your dentist if you need urgent care or treatment after normal office hours. Typically, dentists have a plan for how they can be reached in case of emergency, or will make prior arrangements with other dentists if they are unavailable to provide care to you.
  • You may also call the local dental society (listed in your telephone directory) if your dentist is not available to refer you to another dentist for urgent, emergency or after-hours care.
  • All plans have provisions for after-hours or urgent care. (Check your Contract or Evidence of Coverage to learn more about your after-hours and urgent care coverage.)
  • If you or a family member has special needs, you should ask your dentist about accessibility to his/her office or clinic at the time you call for an appointment. Your dentist will be able to tell you if the office is accessible, taking into consideration your specific needs.

Delta Dental Premier® and Delta Dental PPOTM Enrollees:

  • You can obtain routine or urgent care from any licensed dentist during normal office hours.
  • You may seek treatment for urgent or emergency care after normal office hours from any licensed dentist without preauthorization.
  • Your costs are likely to be lower if you get emergency care from a dentist who is in your network.

DeltaCare® USA Enrollees:

  • Always try to contact your assigned network dentist first for urgent or emergency care.
  • Your network dentist may treat you or provide an authorized referral to another dentist.
  • If your selected network dentist is not available, DeltaCare USA’s Customer Service staff can provide an authorized referral for immediate treatment. Call 800-422-4234.
  • If you cannot reach your network dentist or DeltaCare USA for a referral, you may use your out-of-area emergency benefit (typically limited to $50 per emergency for the Basic plan and $100 for the Enhanced plan; subject to standard plan limitations and exclusions; copayments may apply).

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