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How can I obtain a Delta Dental ID card?

If you’d like an ID card for your personal records, you can print one by logging in to your Online Services account. For instructions on creating an Online Services account, see below. Please note that the ID card may be used for all members of your family even though the primary enrollee is the only name listed.

How can I check my eligibility and benefits online?

Delta Dental’s convenient Online Services provide easy access to eligibility and benefits information, as well as past claims, payment information and ID cards. To get started, register here or go to the Online Services box at the top right of this page and click Register Today. During the registration process, you will create a unique username and password, which you will use to access Online Services in the future. Delta Dental is committed to protecting your personal information. Review our Website Privacy Notice.

Online access to benefits and ID cards is currently only available to Active Employees. Retirees can contact Customer Service for questions on their benefits or for additional ID card requests.

How will my dentist verify my eligibility with Delta Dental?

You do not need an ID card in order to receive treatment. Your dentist will usually ask for your date of birth and enrollee ID or social security number in order to verify eligibility and benefits. You or your dentist may also contact Delta Dental to verify coverage.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

Your Delta Dental plan can help. Learn more.

Managing Costs

How do I file a dental claim?

Delta Dental dentists agree to handle all claims and paperwork for you. But, if you visit a non-Delta Dental dentist, you may need to file the claim yourself. Learn how to file a dental claim.

Dual coverage: How do I coordinate my benefits with my spouse’s dental plan?

If your spouse has coverage with another dental plan and you or your family members are covered by both plans, the two plans may coordinate benefits to potentially lower your out-of-pocket costs. Ask your dentist to indicate the other plan’s information on the claim form submitted to Delta Dental and we’ll take it from there. Group-specific exceptions may apply. (Group- specific exceptions may apply.)

How do I transition from my old dental plan to my new Delta Dental plan?

If you are a new Delta Dental enrollee, any dental treatment in progress when your coverage begins – such as root canals, crowns and bridgework – should be covered by your old dental plan. Delta Dental will cover treatment started and completed after your new plan’s effective date.

What happens to my in-progress orthodontic treatment when I start my new Delta Dental plan?

Some Delta Dental plans offer continued coverage for new enrollees currently undergoing active orthodontia treatment. Refer to your plan documents for more information.

Managing Your Plan

How can I learn more about how dental coverage works?

Review the Understanding Dental Coverage section of this site.

How can I choose the best dental plan for my family?

Review the Selecting a Plan section of this site for more information.

When can I change my dental plan?

You can change your plan during your regular annual open enrollment period.

Where can I find my group number?

The Delta Dental group numbers for California State University plan are:

  • PPO Active & Retiree: 04018
  • PPO COBRA: 04918
  • DeltaCare USA: 72034

What if I have additional questions?

Contact our Customer Service team.

How can I learn more about my rights as a Delta Dental enrollee?

Review our Delta Dental Enrollee Rights section to learn more about your health and privacy-related rights.

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