In a rush?
You can still find time for healthy foods.

Sherry Ratliffe, a busy mother of two, knows that eating on the run often means she's paying more attention to what’s convenient than to choosing healthy snacks and meals-on-the-go that are good for her family’s oral and overall health.

Healthy snacks and meals on the go

We’ll do whatever it takes and then some.


Celebrate National Nutrition Month


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Fast and healthy recipes

Recipes for Good Dental Health

Fresh vegetable platter with dip

With crisp, fresh vegetables (for antioxidants and vitamin C) and calcium-rich yogurt or sour cream, this dish does double duty for healthy teeth.

Get the recipe.

Our readers’ questions

Help! I have bad breath; what can I do?

Many people suffer from bad breath, or halitosis. Though there is no standard treatment, bacteria-causing halitosis can be reduced by brushing or scraping the middle and back of the tongue. Tongue scrapers are easy and comfortable to use, convenient to transport and inexpensive.


In addition, the foods you eat can help or hinder your efforts to fight bad breath. Onions, garlic and other foods with strong odors can linger on your breath, so be sure to brush your teeth after consuming such foods. On the other hand, foods like crispy, fresh fruits and vegetables can step up your saliva flow and help wash away the bacteria that cause bad breath. Get more information about other ways to fight bad breath.

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