Electronic Transactions

We Can Help You Get Started

Use Provider Tools to simplify your office administration.

Start by registering for an Online Services account and logging in to use Provider Tools.

With Provider Tools, you can:

  • Sign up for direct deposit (use the “EFT and ERA” tool).
  • Transmit free real-time, pre-populated claims with digital attachments and pre-treatment estimates.
  • See processed claims in minutes (when clinical review isn’t necessary), including Delta Dental’s payment and the patient’s payment portion (maximums and deductibles are updated in real-time, too).
  • Obtain reliable up-to-date eligibility.
  • View (or download and print) benefits details, per procedure, per network.

Provider Tools also gives you a list of your Delta Dental patients, claim status, treatment history and a reference library.

Stay informed by attending a free, live webinar. We’ll help you simplify your administrative processes with Provider Tools demonstrations and other new ideas for increasing efficiency.

Already Using Practice Management Software?

Use your practice management software to do more, including to communicate with insurance carriers electronically. Get started by calling your practice management software vendor’s support center for details about how to submit claims and attachments, check benefits and eligibility, and accomplish other activities electronically.

Payer IDs

If you conduct electronic transactions, you’ll need the Payer ID of the insurance carrier.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Hours and Information

Link to information about EDI system maintenance schedules and downloadable, printable guides that provide details on specific EDI real-time transactions.

Don’t Have a Practice Management Software Vendor Yet?

  1. Get started by contacting different vendors and ask for product information and pricing. Consider asking other dentists for their recommendations.
  2. Compare the more important features offered:
    • Customer service support
      • How will the vendor help you if you have a question?
      • How fast are they to respond?
    • Appointment tracking, recall and billing features
      • Are these easy to use?
      • Do these features support all your business needs?
    • Reports
      • Do the reports provide the level of detail you need to run your business effectively?
      • Are the reports easy to understand?
  3. Compare pricing and features to find the best fit for your office.