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With 36.5 million enrollees in our enterprise dental plans (75 million nationwide), the strong demand for Delta Dental persists. Join us and watch your practice grow.

Delta Dental PPO TM and Delta Dental Premier ® DeltaCare® USA
How to join Request a participation packet Request a participation packet
Description Our open network fee-for-service plans. Our dental HMO-type prepaid closed network dental plan.

Receive payment based on the network schedule, maximum contract allowance or amount submitted to Delta Dental, whichever is lower.

Competitive compensation includes capitation payments for each enrollee assigned to your office, encounter fees and procedural guarantees.

Nationwide network size includes all Delta Dental Plans Association member companies.

348,000 dentist locations.

60,000 dentist locations.

States included in our enterprise's networks

AL, CA, DC, DE, FL, GA, LA, MD, MS, MT, NV, NY, PA, TX, UT and WV.

In Texas, Delta Dental offers dental provider organization (DPO) plans.


In some states, compensation is similar to our open network plans.

Participation requirements You must be a licensed, practicing dentist and meet our credentialing requirements. You must be a licensed, practicing dentist and meet our credentialing requirements.
Why join?
    Build your practice with:
  • Exposure to 75 million PPO/Premier enrollees (2.5 million DeltaCare USA enrollees) nationwide
  • Free, fast online Provider Tools
  • Direct payment
  • Professional support
How to join Request a participation packet Request a participation packet

Other Programs

TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP)

  • A national PPO plan for retirees of the Uniformed Services and their families.
  • Enrollees may receive treatment from any dentist.
  • Network dentists agree to honor the plan's PPO fees for their region.
  • Direct payment is made only to Delta Dental dentists.
  • Learn more about TRDP.


  • California's Medicaid dental program that Delta Dental administers as the fiscal intermediary with the Department of Health Services, allowing Medicaid beneficiaries to receive comprehensive dental services.
  • Beneficiaries must visit a Denti-Cal network dentist.
  • Compensation is based on a fee schedule.

State Children's Health Insurance Programs

  • Delta Dental participates in several state and county-based programs that provide dental benefits to underserved populations.
  • State and federal funds provide low cost dental coverage for children of working families whose family income exceeds Medicaid limits.
  • Dental services covered include most preventive, basic and major restorative services.
  • Beneficiaries choose from a network of dentists.
  • Compensation is based on fee-for-service.

Learn about our other community-based and government programs.

  • 1 Satisfaction surveys conducted throughout 2008.

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