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Why do 80 million enrollees trust their smiles to Delta Dental?1

We'll do whatever it takes and then some.

  • More dentists
  • Simpler process
  • Less out-of-pocket

More dentists

Four out of five dentists nationwide are contracted Delta Dental dentists, giving enrollees convenient access and quality assurance through the nation’s largest dentist network.

Simpler process

Our dental plans are easy to use. No ID card is required to receive services and there are no claim forms to file — Delta Dental dentists do that for you. And because we pay Delta Dental dentists directly, you are responsible only for your share of payment.

Less out-of-pocket

The Delta Dental Difference® saves clients and enrollees billions of dollars a year.2 Because Delta Dental dentists agree to our determination of fees, clients enjoy extensive cost controls and enrollees pay less out-of-pocket.

Plan and Benefits Information

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New Features

Delta Dental has partnered with Amplifon Hearing Health Care and Qualsight to offer CSU enrollees access to preferred discounted pricing on hearing aids and LASIK.

Delta Dental PPOTM (Group Numbers 4018 and 4918)

DeltaCare® USA (Group Number 2034) — Available to CA Residents Only

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  • 1Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental of New York, Inc., Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, Delta Dental Insurance Company and our affiliated companies form one of the nation’s largest dental benefits delivery systems, covering more than 26 million enrollees. All of our companies are members, or affiliates of members, of the Delta Dental Plans Association, a network of 39 Delta Dental companies that together provide dental coverage to 60 million people in the U.S.
  • 2Savings due to reduction of premiums or claims liability and patient out-of-pocket costs, as reported by the Delta Dental Plans Association.

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