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Let Delta Dental be your Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) guide

For more than 60 years, Delta Dental has been creating smiles and improving health. Our Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) dental plans are no exception. You can choose from a variety of ACA-compliant options1 — both PPO and copay plans — so you can find the right dental insurance to protect your smile and budget.

Whichever Delta Dental Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) plan you choose, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting:

  • Benefits built around your oral and overall health
  • Access to our expansive dentist networks — and PPO plan options that allow you to visit any dentist!
  • Dental plan support from experienced teams built specifically to serve individuals

Plus, our Health Care Exchange (Marketplace) dental plans are easy to use, so you can focus on showing off your healthy smile!

Invest in dental insurance and your future

A small investment in your smile today — no matter your age — can make a major impact on your future well-being. How?

  • Getting regular dental care now means you’re less likely to develop cavities, gum disease and other even costlier dental problems down the road.
  • Oral health is linked to overall wellness. When you take good care of your smile, you may lower your risk for or better control chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
  • You’re more likely to visit the dentist if you have dental coverage.2

Beyond the physical benefits, the majority of adults say that a healthy smile gives their confidence a boost, too!2 Find Delta Dental exchange plans to fit the whole family on

How do dental benefits work under the Affordable Care Act?

Under the ACA, dental insurance is required for children up to age 19 because it’s considered an “essential health benefit”. To meet this requirement, children must have pediatric dental coverage either as part of a medical plan or through a stand-alone dental plan.

Regardless of your age, oral health is always a priority. Delta Dental has children and adults covered with ACA-compliant plans1 designed to support smiles and overall health. Check out our plans on


Have questions about finding or purchasing an ACA-compliant dental plan? Call our Customer Care team.

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  1. 1ACA-compliant health plans include the required 10 essential health benefits (EHBs), one of which is pediatric oral care to age 19.
  2. 2Delta Dental Plans Association, Adult Oral Health and Well-being Survey, 2017, 2014