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You can use our Find a Dentist feature to see if your dentist is in our network. You can search by city, ZIP code or name.

If your dentist does not appear in the results, try the following tips:

  1. Enter your dentist’s last name into your search criteria. When you don't specify a name, the directory randomly selects up to 100 dentists who meet your search criteria.
  2. Change the Specialty field. Your dentist may be a specialist. The default search is for a general practitioner.
  3. If you are a Delta Dental PPOTM1 enrollee, check the Delta Dental Premier® network. Your dentist may be a Delta Dental dentist, but may not participate in the Delta Dental PPO network. Your Delta Dental PPO plan also allows you to visit Delta Dental Premier dentists although, typically, you'll enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs when you select a Delta Dental PPO dentist.
  4. Confirm your network using our secure Online Services. Your "plan type" is your network. Choosing a dentist within your network typically means your out-of-pocket costs may be lower.
  5. Ask your dentist. He or she may have recently joined Delta Dental.
  • 1Delta Dental offers Dental Provider Organization (DPO) plans in Texas.

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DeltaCare USA: Network for most group plan enrollees

DeltaCare USA Individual: Network for Individual plan enrollees (CA only)

DeltaCare USA Medicare: Network for Medicare Advantage plan enrollees (CA only)

DeltaCare USA Connect: Network available only to enrollees in select southern California groups

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