FAQs About Going Paperless

How does paperless work?

When you sign up to go paperless, you’ll discontinue receiving paper statements. Instead, you’ll receive an email when a new document is available online.

Your documents are already available online, even if your document preference is to receive them by mail.

Which documents will I access electronically?

Documents you can access online include (but are not limited to):

  • Policy, Evidence of Coverage (EOC) or Certificate of Coverage (COC)
  • Evidence of Benefits (EOB, Enrollee Claim Statement), which you receive after a dental visit
  • Billing statements/invoices
  • Pre-treatment estimates, which show the estimated cost of a proposed dental treatment
  • General enrollee notices

The specific documents depend on your plan or Policy type.

What are the advantages of going paperless?

  • Faster access to claims information: No need to wait for “snail mail.”
  • Less household clutter: Cross filing off your to-do list.
  • Convenient, secure access to claims information: The documents you need will be at your fingertips when you need them. You can even save your electronic documents for submission to your health care spending account.
  • Help prevent identity theft: Going paperless may reduce the likelihood of physical data theft.
  • Conservation of environmental resources: When you decline paper statements, you help us conserve a million gallons of water and thousands of trees each year.

I have dependents. Can they switch to paperless notifications, too?

  • Statement notifications for dependent children under age 18 will be emailed to you.
  • Adult dependents (age 18 and over) will continue to receive mailed statements, unless they opt for paperless by following the same steps (register and log in to Online Services, then select My Profile and change their document preference to Online).

If I change my mind, can I go back to hard copy statements?

Yes. You can change your preference at any time by logging in to your Online Services account, then selecting My Profile and changing your document preference to Mail.

How can I change the email address to which my statement notifications are sent?

Changing your email address is simple. Just log in to Online Services, then select My Profile and update your account address.

Can I change my document preference on my mobile device?

Yes. Visit deltadentalins.com on your smartphone, choose My Account and indicate that you want to receive your documents online.

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