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DeltaCare USA offers affordable dental plans with the coverage you're looking for and a large network of dentists to provide you with superior care. Enrollees select a primary care provider from whom they will receive most treatment.

Benefits of our plans include:

  • Coverage for preventive, basic and major services
  • No deductible or calendar year maximum
  • Set copayments so you know your out-of-pocket cost for each procedure
  • Annual premiums to fit your budget

Save a little money at the dentist

A visit to the dentist can be expensive. Protect your pocketbook and your oral health with a dental plan that can offset unexpected dental expenses. Some procedures can get pricey, so knowing up front exactly what you will pay gives you peace of mind.

Protect your health with preventive oral care

Not going to the dentist to avoid expensive dental bills can put you at risk for anything from cavities to gum disease. Our plans cover preventive work such as routine cleanings and x-rays, as well as major services such as crowns and root canals. Having dental coverage makes you more likely to visit the dentist, who can also identify warning signs for health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, endocarditis and diabetes1.

Request a quote today and find out how easy it is to get the coverage you've been looking for.

You Might Also Try

You may be a member of an alumni association, union or other membership organization that offers a dental plan underwritten or administered by Delta Dental. Here are some you may qualify for:

Costco Group Dental Plan for Individuals & Families
Exclusively for Costco Members in California, this prepaid plan offers a low annual fee with no waiting periods, deductibles or maximums. Members select a primary care dentist from the DeltaCare USA network from whom they obtain most treatment.
AARP Dental Insurance Plan
Exclusively for AARP members, this plan offers a choice of two PPO plans2, three cleanings a year, and an extensive choice of dentists.
TRICARE Retiree Dental Program
Uniformed Services retirees and their families may take advantage of this PPO plan2 with comprehensive services, affordable premiums, low deductibles and generous annual maximums.
Veterans Affairs Dental Insurance Program
Designed for Veterans and Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA) beneficiaries. Three great plans to choose from with the highest benefit level received when care is performed by a PPO network dentist.
Federal Employees Dental Program
Federal employees, family members and retirees get access to affordable, quality dental care when they choose between two plans with the highest benefit level received when care is performed by a PPO network dentist.
U. S. Public Health Service Active Duty Dental Program
Coverage for the U. S. Public Health Service Active Duty Dental Program (PHS ADDP) extends only to the Commissioned Corps officers of the Public Health Service.
Dental for Everyone
Benefits Association, Inc. members can choose from two group dental plans: Delta Dental PPO2 or Delta Dental Premier.
Exchange Dental Plans
Delta Dental offers plans on state and federal exchanges. You can learn more about your health care reform choices and apply for plans at
  1. 1Mayo Clinic (2013, May 11). Oral health: A Window to Your Overall Health. Retrieved May 17, 2013,
  2. 2 In Texas, Delta Dental offers a dental provider organization, or DPO.

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