Holiday parties? Keep your breath fresh and your smile bright

Holiday parties

It’s that time of year again – holiday parties, social occasions galore and, of course, mistletoe! Get ready to pucker up for the holidays with a shiny, bright smile and sparkling fresh breath. Follow these tips for a healthy mouth for the holiday season and all year.

Start with the basics

Brushing your teeth two to three minutes at least twice a day and flossing daily are the foundation for a healthy, bright smile and fresh breath.

Tip for fresh breath: Don’t skip your tongue! You can use your toothbrush or a special tongue scraper to remove the bacteria from your tongue.

Healthy holiday snacks

Instead of filling up on sugary and starch-filled snacks, choose foods packed with fiber, like carrots and celery. Hard cheeses are another great choice.

Tip for fresh breath: Chew on some garnish! You may find garnishes of parsley or mint on a holiday platter.

Drink to your health

To avoid staining your teeth, skip the soda, black tea, coffee and wine (red and white). If you can’t say no to these beverages, follow the drink up with a glass of water to reduce its impact on your teeth.

Tip for fresh breath: Water is a great way to stay hydrated and wash away foul-smelling bacteria. Green tea has also been found to suppress the growth of bacteria.

Quick party freshen-ups

Some mouth rinses or breath fresheners may actually worsen a bad breath problem by irritating oral tissue with their high alcohol content. For an emergency freshen-up, try a quick rinse with a mix of water and a few drops of peppermint oil. Or, you can eat a piece of sugarless candy or chew sugarless gum. Sucking on a piece of sugarless candy or chewing sugarless gum stimulates saliva flow, which will help to wash away food debris and bacteria that cause bad breath.

Last updated: December 2016

The oral health information on this website is intended for educational purposes only. You should always consult a licensed dentist or other qualified health care professional for any questions concerning your oral health.

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