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Your guide to loose baby teeth

When do baby teeth start to fall out? Does it hurt?

Get the answers

Brush for a healthier heart

It turns out your oral health routine can improve your cardiovascular health.

How eating disorders affect teeth

Understand the dental side of anorexia and bulimia.

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Watch Your Health: Videos

Find out the best ways to deal with a teething baby.

Understand the connection between dental and overall health.
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Heart-shaped salad

This fresh salad features crunchy vegetables and mozzarella cheese, with a sweet touch.

Parmesan spinach bake

Creamy and flavorful, this satisfying dish is also a great source of calcium and potassium.

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Just for Kids

Dental health games and activities for kidsWhether you're a parent or teacher, check out the MySmileKids site for fun, interactive games and tips to help children learn about oral health.

Meet the Smyles

Grin for Kids
Print these activity booklets at home for coloring, hands-on projects and games about dental health.

Coloring book
This printable booklet features stories, activities and lots of coloring pages.

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