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Sparkling white fangs

What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? While most holiday revelers look forward to costumes, candy is a close second. Luckily, this sugar-coated holiday doesn’t have to make your dentist squeal in horror.

Follow Delta Dental’s top five tips for a fang-friendly celebration:

  1. Teeth love skeleton treats
    There’s a reason skeletons don’t pack on any pounds: In addition to being dead, they stay away from sugar and calorie-laden sweets. When you opt for sugar-free candy and gum with xylitol, your teeth and your waistline will thank you – no bones about it.
  2. Make like a mummy and wrap it up
    It’s been said that mummies’ favorite music is “wrap music.” And wrapping’s also how they preserve holiday fun for days to come. Eat a few candies, then save the rest for later. Consuming small portions of sweets only at meals or during snack times limits sugar exposure.
  3. Stay away from “zombie” candy
    Once it enters your mouth, candy should “die quickly.” Candies that remain in your mouth for a long period of time or that stick to your teeth – think lollipops and gummies – have a greater potential for causing tooth decay. Choose treats that dissolve easily instead.
  4. Darkness is mysterious – and delicious
    If you can’t say no to sugary Halloween candy, opt for chocolate. In addition to its ability to blend into the night, it dissolves quickly and can contain tooth-strengthening calcium. Just remember to avoid chocolates that include sticky or hard fillings, like caramels and toffee.
  5. The toothbrush rules the spooky night
    End an evening of high jinks on a healthy note: Practice good dental hygiene before going to sleep to ensure cavity-causing sugars are put to rest. If you’re not able to get to your toothbrush quickly, rinse your mouth with clean water after indulging in sweet treats.

Unfortunately, no sweets are good for teeth. But by making smart decisions about what you put into your mouth – and practicing good dental hygiene – you can minimize long-term damage and maintain your oral health.

Looking for more ways to keep your teeth in mind this Halloween? Visit toothfairytrickytreats.com for family-friendly Halloween resources geared towards oral health.

Last updated: October 2013

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