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Managing Costs: DeltaCare® USA

Dual coverage: How do I coordinate my benefits with my spouse’s dental plan?

If your spouse has coverage with another dental plan and you or your family members are covered by both plans, we may coordinate payment if you receive authorized treatment from a specialist. Ask your dentist to include information about both plans with your claim, and we’ll handle the rest. 1

How do I transition from my old dental plan to my new DeltaCare USA plan?

If you are a new DeltaCare USA enrollee, any dental treatment in progress when your coverage begins – such as root canals, crowns or bridgework – is the responsibility of you or your prior carrier. DeltaCare USA covers treatment started and completed after your new plan’s effective date of coverage.

What happens to my in-progress orthodontic treatment when I start my new DeltaCare USA plan?

If you began orthodontic treatment under a previous employer-sponsored plan, our treatment-in-progress provision may allow you to continue active treatment with your current orthodontist. Your prior plan’s copayments and fees will apply.2

  • 1Group- and state-specific exceptions may apply. Please review your plan booklet for specific details about your plan’s coordination of benefits, including rules for determining primary and secondary coverage.
  • 2This provision may not apply to all plans. Refer to your plan booklet for specific coverage details.

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