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Delta Dental is pleased to welcome University of California students to your benefits website. We are committed to providing you with exceptional service and an extensive network of dentists.

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Your Group Information

Delta Dental group number for:
Graduate Students, all UC SHIP campuses
Undergraduate Students, all UC SHIP campuses
Delta Dental’s regional office address for claim forms and correspondence:
Delta Dental
P.O. Box 997330
Sacramento, CA 95899-7330
Delta Dental’s toll-free phone number for questions:

Your Support Guide

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Managing Your Plan

Resources to help you maximize your dental coverage


UCSB students, please visit your benefits website here.

All other plans — 2020-2021 Plan Year

Additional Information


Contracted Delta Dental dentists will file claims for you. You only need to file a claim when visiting a non-Delta Dental dentist.

ID Cards

  • As an enrollee with Delta Dental, you don’t need an ID card. You will be assigned an ID number that will be used for both your medical and dental plans. If you don’t know your assigned ID number, you may contact your campus student health center to obtain this information.
  • When visiting a Delta Dental dentist, simply provide the assigned ID number. The dental office will use that information to verify your eligibility and benefits.
  • If you still would like an ID card, you can print a customized ID card by registering online as a member (or show it to your dental office from your smartphone). If you haven’t registered for Online Services, click on “Register Today” for an easy three-step registration process.
  • Go mobile! Go to the App Store or Google Play and download our free app (search for “Delta Dental“) to get information on the go.
  • ID cards can also be requested by calling Delta Dental’s Customer Service department at 1-800-765-6003.

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Finding a Delta Dental Dentist

University of California students will save more with a Delta Dental PPO dentist than with a Delta Dental Premier or out-of-network dentist. Use our online Find a Dentist search to locate a dentist convenient to your home or school.

Students at UC Irvine and UC Riverside may access a Delta Dental PPO dentist by visiting the dental clinic at the on-campus Student Health Center. UC Santa Cruz students can access a Delta Dental PPO dentist by visiting the Onsite Health mobile clinic located on campus at East Field House. You may obtain additional information about these clinic options at:

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