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Delta Dental offers the University of Texas employees access to one of the largest dental networks in the country. We encourage you to use our Find a Dentist feature (located on the right side of this page) to find a Delta Dental DPO or DeltaCare® USA dentist. If your dentist is not already participating in one of our networks, you can recommend him or her for membership by completing an online form.

Recommend your dentist for one of the following networks:

It is each dentist's decision whether or not to join.

Texas DPO Dentist Directories

Texas Premier Dentist Directories

Texas DeltaCare USA Dentist Directories

Visiting a Non-Delta Dental Dentist

The UT SELECT plans allow you the freedom to visit any dentist. Please note, when visiting a dentist not affiliated with Delta Dental, you may be required to pay for services up front and submit a claim to Delta Dental for reimbursement. Most dentists have standard claim forms at their office; however, you can download and print our claim form, if necessary.

Why Choose a Delta Dental Dentist

Get the full advantage of your Delta Dental coverage by choosing a Delta Dental dentist.

No waiting for reimbursement

When you are treated by a Delta Dental dentist, you don't have to pay the entire bill and wait for reimbursement from Delta Dental. Instead, we pay your dentist directly, and send you a notice explaining your portion of the bill. You pay the dentist only that amount.

Less paperwork

Delta Dental dentists handle all claim forms and other paperwork for you.

Delta Dental dentists agree to our determination of fees

For example, if you are responsible for a 20 percent co-insurance amount, you pay 20 percent of your dentist's accepted or approved fee. We also make sure you are not charged extra for services that should be included in the cost of treatment. When you receive a crown, as an example, a Delta Dental dentist cannot charge you additional fees for tooth preparation, local anesthesia, an impression or a temporary crown.

Check if your dentist is in one of our networks

You can use our Find A Dentist feature to see if your dentist is in our network. You can search by city, ZIP code or name.

If your dentist does not appear in the results, try the following tips:

  1. Enter your dentist’s last name into your search criteria. When you don't specify a name, the directory randomly selects up to 100 dentists who meet your search criteria.
  2. Change the Specialty field. Your dentist may be a specialist. The default search is for a general practitioner.
  3. Your dentist may not practice in the town or ZIP code that you specified. Try using only the first three digits of the ZIP code to broaden your search.
  4. Delta Dental DPO or Premier networks: Your UT SELECT Dental program allows you to visit any dentist of your choice as well as one of Delta Dental’s Premier or DPO network dentists. Typically, you will enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs when you select a Delta Dental DPO dentist.
  5. DeltaCare USA network: Your DeltaCare USA features set copayments and low out-of-pocket costs for many diagnostic and preventive services (such as professional cleanings and regular dental exams).
  6. Ask your dentist. He or she may have recently joined Delta Dental.

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