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How will my dentist be able to verify my eligibility with Delta Dental?

A dentist will usually ask for your group number (#5968) and enrollee ID in order to verify eligibility and benefits. A dentist or enrollee may also contact Delta Dental directly at 800-893-3582 in order to verify coverage.

Check your eligibility and benefits online

If you are visiting our website for the first time, you will need to complete a one-time registration to log in and verify your eligibility, check your benefits for covered services and view maximums and deductible information. You may also print an ID card, although it is not required to receive services. You may simply provide the dental office with your group number and the enrollee ID number.

Managing Costs

Dual Coverage/Coordination of benefits

If your spouse has coverage with another dental plan and you or your family members are covered by both dental plans, the two plans may coordinate benefits to potentially lower your out-of-pocket costs. Ask your dentist to indicate the other plan’s information on the claim form submitted to Delta Dental and we’ll take it from there. Group-specific exceptions may apply.

Managing Your Plan

What happens if I need to see a dentist and I do not have an ID card?

ID cards are not necessary to make an appointment or visit a dentist under the Delta Dental DPO or Delta Dental Premier Program. You may visit any dentist or preferably a Delta Dental DPO dentist in order to get the best savings even without an ID card. The dentist may ask for your group number (#5968) and enrollee ID so that they can contact Delta Dental to verify your eligibility and benefits.

Will I receive a Delta Dental ID card?

Hard copy ID cards are mailed to the employee home address.

How can I decide which network would work better for my family?

After reviewing your benefits under each network and comparing them to your family's treatment needs, consider which dentist(s) you would visit. To see if your current dentist is a Delta Dental DPO dentist, go to our dentist directory. Our online directory also provides a map to each office (simply click on the office's street address).

When can I change my dental program?

Your annual open enrollment is held during the month of July.

What if I have additional, specific questions?

You can contact Delta Dental Customer Service at 800-893-3582 or you can submit an inquiry online to Delta Dental Insurance Company.

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