Send X-rays Electronically

Submit x-rays, perio charts and narratives for all claims.

Send your attachments to National Electronic Attachment, Inc. (NEA), and we can easily access them to speed up the processing of your electronic claims. You can send x-rays, narratives, intra-oral pictures, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statements, or any other document needed to adjudicate the claim.

Submit All Your Claims and Attachments Electronically

You no longer need to send us paper claims just because you need to send an attachment. Now you can use your existing FastAttach TM connection, a service available through NEA, to electronically transmit digitized x-rays, periodontal charts, Explanation of Benefits documents, photos and narratives.

Send X-Rays Only When Needed

Most of the claims that we get don’t even need additional documentation. Save time and money by only sending x-rays and attachments when necessary. Take advantage of NEA’s FastAttach TM feature that allows you to see our attachment requirements for specific procedure codes – or, see our support article about When to Send X-Rays.

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