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Dental benefits value

What’s a smile worth?

A lot, actually. A healthy smile plays a big part in well-being. Partnering with the right carrier can even help boost your bottom line. How?

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A healthy smile can create confident, successful enrollees

A smile is a powerful tool. In fact, according to Delta Dental’s Adult Oral Health and Well-being Survey, 59% of adults say having good oral health makes them feel confident. And, more than half of adults say the quality of a smile influences overall success.1 When you offer a Delta Dental plan, you’re not only creating healthier smiles, you’re also creating confident, successful employees — which can help make your business or organization successful.

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Dental benefits can increase productivity

Dental health is linked to overall health, but for those without insurance, dental care can be too costly. With budget-friendly plans and meaningful claims savings, Delta Dental can make healthy smiles more affordable — and adults with dental benefits are 50% more likely to visit the dentist at least once a year.1 With more than $6 million in productivity lost annually due to dental issues, offering dental benefits might be one of the smartest investments you make.2

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The right dental plan can reduce total benefits costs

Delta Dental’s plans prioritize preventive care and dentist access, which may be able to keep your healthcare costs low. Why?

  • Adults with dental coverage are more likely to seek preventive care.1

  • Delta Dental PPOTM enrollees are more likely to visit a network dentist than PPO enrollees of other carriers, which can translate to more overall claims savings and more stable rates.3

  • Routine dental exams can detect health problems early, and help to prevent more costly medical expenses down the road. If you contribute to a medical benefits plan, this can improve your organization’s overall health spend.

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1 Delta Dental Plans Association, Adult Oral Health and Well-being Survey, 2017, 2014 2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3 “Network Utilization” — 2017 Dental PPO Study, Dental Actuarial Analytics (all plans). Total network utilization includes utilization for both the Delta Dental PPO network and the Delta Dental Premier network. Data represents in-network utilization for Delta Dental PPO visits and out-of-network utilization for Delta Dental Premier visits.
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