“Opt in” to Medicare now

Ensure payments and patient relationships continue

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires Medicare Part D prescribers, including dentists, to enroll (opt in) or opt out as a Medicare provider so that prescriptions they write will be covered.

Opt in now to ensure your status is effective before the CMS enforcement date of February 1, 2017.

Advantages of opting in:

  • You’ll be listed in Delta Dental’s Medicare Advantage network directory.
  • You’ll ensure payment as an in-network dentist for treatment you provide Medicare Advantage patients with plans offered through the Delta Dental network.
  • Your prescriptions for Medicare patients will be covered by the Medicare Advantage plan.
  • You’ll remain in Delta Dental’s network (since several of our Medicare Advantage partners require us to terminate participation contracts of dentists who opt out or do nothing).

Dangers of opting out or doing nothing:

  • By opting out, you’ll be excluded from participation in Delta Dental’s Medicare Advantage network for two years under present Medicare regulations.
  • If you do nothing (neither opt in nor opt out), your Part D prescriptions will not be covered.

Patients depend on you

Opt in to help build your practice and keep your current Medicare Advantage patients coming to you.

Link to more information, the enrollment form to opt in and a helpful video: “Part D Prescriber Enrollment — Information for Dentists”

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