Re-credentialing occurs every three years

Numerous contractual and regulatory requirements obligate us to ascertain that contracted Delta Dental Premier and PPO dentists are legally qualified to practice. To accomplish this, we credential new Delta Dental dentists and conduct re-credentialing of contracted dentists at least once every three years.*

When you receive the Confidential Credential Information Form from us, please complete and return it by the date indicated in the cover letter. In addition to providing answers to the questions, we need the following information as well:

  • Your license number
  • Your social security number (required to obtain necessary reports)
  • Your billing and/or rendering NPI, as appropriate (if you have not previously registered it with Delta Dental)
  • Copies of your certificates of coverage for professional liability insurance
  • For specialists, a certificate of specialty or Board eligibility
  • Written explanations of your form responses, if applicable

We request only essential information that we must have to verify your qualifications through the required agencies and databanks. We will keep the information you provide secure and confidential. We recommend that you retain a copy of the credentialing form for your records and make a note of the date mailed and the address to which you mailed it. We appreciate your assistance and cooperation with this important process.

  • *Our credentialing and re-credentialing processes include gathering information from several sources, including professional associations, regulatory agencies and educational institutions, as well as from the prospective or contracted dentist, to assess the dentist’s legal qualifications to practice dentistry.

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