Electronic Documents

Access your claims statements and pre-treatment estimate documents online

Gain the convenience of automated email alerts to inform you when these documents are ready and the efficiency of having the latest document ready for viewing online. When you sign up for electronic documents and stop receiving paper, you help your business become more efficient while helping to protect the environment.


  • Receive email notifications when new documents are available
  • Reduce scanning documents and filing paper copies
  • Minimize the cost of hiring shredding services
  • Reduce the consumption of paper

Receive Email Notifications

Automatically receive a notification to the email address of your choice when a new claims statement or pre-treatment estimate document is available. Let your computer work for you to help reduce the hassle of sorting through the mail and trying to figure out what is important or not. When a new document is ready, simply logon to our website at deltadentalins.com to view.

To view your document:

  1. Log in.
  2. Click Overview.
  3. Click Electronic Documents.You can find the Electronic Documents link in the Manage Your Practice section of the Overview page
  4. Open your document.

Gain Efficiency

We understand your need to run an efficient business. Electronic documents help you minimize the scanning and storage of paper documents, limit the growth of scanned images and reduce the need for paper shredding services.

Print Documents When You Need Them

For those times when you need to print a copy, any registered user for your practice can print an electronic document.

Printing from the Document Display

Receive Your Payments As Usual

When you sign up for electronic documents, you can continue to receive your payments by check (mailed to you) or through Direct Deposit -- there is no change to how you currently receive payment, unless you choose another option. For example:

If you receive your payments by check now, only your check will arrive in the mail. All of your claims statements and pre-treatment estimate information will be available online.
Direct Deposit:
If you receive payments by direct deposit, no claims statements or pre-treatment estimates will be mailed to you. All this information will be available online.

Sign Up for Electronic Documents

  1. Log in.
  2. Click on Overview.
  3. Click on My Profile.
  4. Select Online with Email Alerts.

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