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Language Assistance Program

Delta Dental can help your employees who need assistance in a language other than English. Delta Dental’s enterprise-wide Language Assistance Program (LAP) provides language assistance to Delta Dental enrollees with limited proficiency in English.

LAP services include:

Interpretation through a trained and certified interpreter is preferable to interpretation through friends or family.

A provider office that discovers a language barrier can call Delta Dental and we will arrange for qualified interpretive services at no cost to the enrollee. Providers and/or respective office staff are not prohibited from speaking with limited-English-proficient enrollees in the enrollee’s preferred language. However, the provider is encouraged to call Delta Dental first.

Interpreter contacts

If an enrollee is having trouble communicating with his or her dentist, he or she can call us and we will arrange for a qualified interpreter to help via telephone.

Delta Dental can arrange for interpretive services on-site at the dental office if needed. To arrange for face-to-face interpretive services, call Delta Dental’s Customer Service department 72 hours in advance of the appointment time.