Important reminders

February 2016

Re-credentialing — required and important

When it comes to re-credentialing, your cooperation is imperative. If we are unable to complete the process by the due date indicated in the letter we send you, we have no choice but to terminate our contractual agreement with you. We don’t want to take this step! Please be sure to respond promptly when you receive our re-credentialing request.

November 2015

Verify your TIN

Because we report your Delta Dental earnings to the IRS using your taxpayer identification number (TIN), it’s important that the TIN we have for you matches exactly with your TIN on file with the IRS for your name/business name. Make sure the TINs match by checking the last four digits of the TIN that appear on page 1 of the “Your claim payment” document you receive from us. If they don’t match exactly, notify us right away using the form at

If you treat Medicare patients

Practices that treat Medicare patients are required to complete the Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) prevention training by December 31 each year. If you complete another organization’s FWA training, simply submit the online attestation form to us. The course and form are at

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