Community Wellness

Delta Dental takes a multifaceted approach to supporting communities; our Dental Wellness and Education Initiative and Fluoridation Initiatives play big roles. These initiatives drive us to expand access to oral health education and prevention across cultures and communities, and when combined with our grants and other outreach programs, they help us reach even more people in need.

Dental Wellness and Education Initiative

Instilling the importance of dental health at a young age is one of our top priorities. Through the Dental Wellness and Education Initiative, we offer fun, free presentations and resources to students and families. A main feature of this program is our mascot, who helps us better connect with children.

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Fluoridation Initiatives

The majority of Americans have the benefit of fluoridated water, but many states still have limited public access. Because fluoride plays such an important role in the prevention of tooth decay, we’ve made it our mission to advocate for fluoride expansion.

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