Running a Paperless Office

Simplify with Provider Tools

Start by registering for a free, secure Online Services account. Then log in to use Provider Tools – easy and convenient services to help you save money, time and natural resources, too!

Provider Tools: What you can do:
My Patients With this comprehensive list of patients for whom you’ve submitted claims (to our group of Delta Dental companies), you can:
  • Submit free, real-time claims with digital attachments
  • Submit free, real-time pre-treatment estimates
  • View current eligibility
  • Access reliable benefits summaries and details
  • See benefits per procedure, per network
  • Create your daily schedule/work list
  • Add patients to your list, and we add more patients too, as their claims are processed
EFT and ERA Sign up for direct deposit.
My Claim Documents View claim statements, including details of processed claims.
My Claims Follow your electronic and paper claims from receipt to completion.
My Payments Check the status of your Delta Dental payments (direct deposit and/or paper checks).
Treatment History See procedures provided for your patients.
Reference Library Use the Dentist Handbook and other resources to get answers to your questions.

Choose to Go Paperless

Sign up for electronic documents by simply logging in to Online Services and selecting “My Profile” in the black bar at the top of the Provider Tools page. Scroll to “Preferences” and select “Online with email alerts.” You’ll receive an email when new documents are ready to review. It’s that easy!

Use Your Practice Management System

You can save substantial money and time, streamline your office processes and help the environmental by leveraging your practice management software.

Through your PMS, you can do the following for all payers, not just Delta Dental:

  • Submit claims
  • Verify eligibility
  • Check claims status and processed claims
  • Send attachments and much more

Calculate Your Savings from switching to electronic claims submission.

We partner with a variety of vendors to make it easy for you to communicate electronically through your PMS. Call your vendor to get started.