Are oral health issues genetic?

Here’s a look at five oral health issues that have a genetic link.

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All about cleft lip and palate

Among the most common birth defects, these conditions can cause problems if not treated early.

Pregnancy myths and facts

Truth or superstition? Get the facts about dental health and pregnancy.

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What happens when you need a tooth filled?

The health of your teeth and gums can reflect your overall wellness.
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Cucumber roll-ups

This refreshing snack is healthy, fun and easy to make. Add some flavor to your lunch, or serve it as an appetizer.

Strawberry frozen yogurt

This creamy treat uses frozen strawberries to flavor yogurt and give it an ice cream-like consistency.

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Just for Kids

Grin for Kids
Print out at home for hands-on projects and games about dental health.

Coloring books
These printable booklets feature stories, activities and lots of coloring pages.

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