Food Friends and Foes

What you eat can have a major impact on your dental health. Find out whether your diet is optimal for long-lasting teeth and gums.

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3 tooth-friendly snacks for your next party

Protecting your dental health doesn’t mean giving up the goodies you love. With these dentist-approved modifications, you can snack away without risking your teeth.

The hidden cost of coffee and donuts

That morning pick-me-up may be more than just a boost of caffeine and sugar. Find out what these popular refreshments can mean for your oral health.

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Watch Your Health: Videos

Food is the fuel that keeps you going — but unless you make the right nutritional choices, it can also fuel unintended consequences for your mouth.
Your oral health is part of a much bigger picture. Find how the mouth fits into a holistic approach to wellness.
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Packed with vitamin C and folic acid, this broccoli-based dip offers a low-fat alternative to guacamole.

Fruit kabobs

Finish up a meal with this sweet snack. With no added sugar, fruit kabobs make a bright and fun dessert.

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Just for kids!

Dental health tips, games and stories for kids and health education materials for teachers.

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