Communicate with Your Patients Who Speak Another Language

Delta Dental can help you communicate with your Delta Dental patients who speak a language other than English. Delta Dental’s enterprise-wide Language Assistance Program (LAP) provides language assistance to enrollees with limited proficiency in English.

LAP services include:

  • Delta Dental website in Spanish
  • Written materials in non-English languages and other accessible formats
  • Customer Service phone assistance in more than 170 languages
  • Professional interpretive services to help you communicate with your Delta Dental patients
  • Dentist directories that include the self-reported languages of contracted dentists and staff who speak languages other than English

Delta Dental believes that clear and accurate health information is essential to the delivery of quality health care. Interpretation through a trained and certified interpreter is preferable to interpretation through friends or family.

If you discover a language barrier, call Delta Dental. To help assure the highest quality patient care, Delta Dental will arrange for a qualified interpreter to help you communicate with your patient in any language/dialect at no cost.

Dentists and/or office staff are not prohibited from speaking with limited-English proficient patients in the patients’ preferred languages. However, you are encouraged to call Delta Dental first.

  • Delta Dental telephone numbers for interpretive services:
    • State Government Programs: 800-838-4337
    • Delta Dental Premier ®/Delta Dental PPO : 800-765-6003
    • DeltaCare ® USA: 800-422-4234
    • DeltaVision ®: 866-774-5595 (providers) or 800-422-4234 (enrollees)
    • TTY 711

Delta Dental can also arrange on-site interpretation at the dental office location. To arrange face-to-face interpretive services call Delta Dental’s Customer Service Department 72 hours in advance of the appointment time.

If you are a Delta Dental contracting dentist in California, you have specific obligations under California law. To learn more about your obligations, visit our Legal Notices Page.