Help avoid patient identity theft

It could happen to your office: a new patient uses someone else’s identification to falsely obtain dental benefits coverage.

When discovered, the insurance company will recover its payment from you. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will then be able to recover your fee from the patient.

You Can Help Protect Your Office from Patient Identity Theft:

  • Request to see a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, when a new patient completes the forms typically requested of new patients.
  • Compare the photo ID with any enrollment document or dental benefit ID card the new patient may present.
  • Keep a copy of the photo ID in the patient’s folder.
  • Check the patient’s eligibility status online. The eligibility page provides the enrollee’s and family members’ names and birth dates, and the family members’ relationships to the enrollee. This information may be useful for comparison with other information the new patient provides.