Emergency Care

Are you and your teeth ready for vacation?

Few things could be worse than a dental emergency when you're far from home. But with our tips, you’ll be set to deal with dental problems wherever you are.

Brochure helps travelers find safe dental care abroad

Travelers planning a trip outside the United States can find advice on seeking safe dental care abroad in a new brochure available from the Centers for Disease Control entitled, "The Traveler’s Guide to Safe Dental Care."

Don't let a toothache turn into sepsis.

If you have a sore tooth that just won't get better, don't put off seeing your dentist. It could lead to a dangerous health issue if left untreated.

Handling dental emergencies

The trauma of injuries to the mouth and teeth may be reduced if action is taken as soon as the injury occurs. These suggestions could help to lessen pain, speed the healing process and perhaps even save a tooth following a dental emergency.

'Tooth squeeze' — Your teeth under pressure

Your teeth can feel pressure too. "Tooth squeeze," or barodontalgia, is tooth pain caused by air or water pressure in extreme environments.

When disaster strikes, protect your smile

Find tips for victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters when they have dental problems and can't reach their usual dentists.

When your child’s tooth takes a hard knock

What do you do when your four-year-old takes a tumble into the edge of a table and knocks a front baby tooth loose? Give your dentist a call and follow these helpful tips.

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