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Nutrition and Oral Health

7 vitamins and minerals your mouth needs

Want healthy teeth and gums? Make sure your diet features these key ingredients.

An apple a day may keep the dentist away

Parents can help children prevent tooth decay and cavities by monitoring their eating habits. Offer children healthy snack alternatives such as apples, bite-size carrots or other foods that are naturally sweet, and instruct children to avoid candies, chocolate and other foods that contain refined sugar.

Avoid acid erosion

Did you know that the acid in many foods and drinks can wear down your teeth?

Chocolate and your teeth

Is chocolate really that bad for your teeth? Here’s what you should know about this sweet treat.

Coffee and donuts: Beware this quick fix

Here’s why you should rethink this popular breakfast duo.

Diet, diabetes and tooth decay

You’re probably aware that diabetes can cause problems with your eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and other parts of your body. What you may not know is that diabetics are more susceptible to developing oral infections and gum disease than those who do not have diabetes.

Foods for and against your teeth

Some foods invite tooth decay, but others can help combat plaque buildup and help build healthy teeth and gums. Learn which foods can help keep your smile bright and how to disinvite decay in others.

Got calcium?

Get the facts on this essential mineral and where you can find it.

Green tea may boost dental health

Try tea! Hot or cold, tea has been shown in recent studies to be beneficial to your oral health.

Gum-chewers have a reason to smile

There’s a low-calorie sweetener called "xylitol." It has a sweet-as-sugar taste, and studies show that it may help reduce and prevent cavities.

Halloween tips from dentists

What do dentists give out at Halloween? Our survey gathers their best advice for Halloween treats and avoiding the scary tricks candy can play on teeth.

How vegetarians can ensure good oral health

While a vegetarian diet can have great overall health benefits, vegetarians need to be aware of how this lifestyle choice can affect their oral health. By eliminating certain food groups, vegetarians can risk missing out on some key nutrients that are essential for good oral health.

Make over your grocery list

Restock your fridge with smile-friendly foods.

Raisins may help fight — not cause — cavities

Countering a longstanding public perception that raisins promote cavities, a recent study suggests that compounds in the popular fruit snack may in fact fight tooth decay.

Say ‘cheese’: Eating cheese can help your teeth

Cheese can offer a serious boost to your oral health. Find out why — and why types are worth adding to your diet.

The skinny on dieting and your teeth

Did you know that dieting can affect your teeth? Learn the oral health consequence of today's most popular diets.

Staying healthy on the go

Eating on the run doesn’t have to mean paying less attention to what’s healthy. Keep your snacks and meals-on-the-go healthy with these tips.

Sparkling white fangs

On this favorite fall holiday, Delta Dental helps smiles stay jack-o-lantern bright.

Sugary, sticky Halloween treats can play tricks on children’s teeth

When it comes to cavities, not all candy is created equal. The chewier the candy, the more likely it is to stick around and cause cavities. Limit your children’s risk for cavities by limiting the amount of time their teeth are exposed to sticky, sugary or sour candy.

Tips and tricks for avoiding scary Halloween treats

You may not be able to prevent your child from eating candy – but you can take active steps to prevent tooth decay and promote good nutrition all year long.

What to eat to keep your teeth

Nutrition is important to oral health. Antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts strengthen immunity and help protect the teeth and gums.


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