Tips for Using the Automated Telephone Service

Our automated voice response telephone service is a convenient way to obtain eligibility and benefits information and more for your Delta Dental patients.

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Quick tips for fast service

  • Use the service during business hours, Monday through Saturday (except during maintenance).
  • You can move quickly through the system; as soon as you know your response choice to the automated question, you may say or enter it. You don’t need to wait until all options are offered.
  • Before you call, have ready the following information:
    • Tax ID number that you have on file with Delta Dental,
    • Subscriber’s ID number and date of birth (the ID may be the subscriber’s social security number or another number, such as an employee ID or alternate ID assigned by the subscriber’s employer),
    • Patient’s date of birth, and
    • Fax number, if you will be requesting a faxed summary.
  • Return to the Main Menu anytime by pressing 9.

The table below shows the first steps to obtaining Fast Fax, the eligibility and benefits information summary that is faxed or emailed to your office. When your call is connected, you will hear the automated voice ask the questions that are in the left-side column. (The exact wording may change as we enhance our service, but the basic options and actions will stay the same.) The voice will also say your response choices. You may say your choice, or press the number for that choice, which is indicated in the right-side column.

Automated Telephone Service – Fast Fax

Recorded message Your response
“Please tell me whether you’re a dental professional or an insured member.” “Dental professional,” or press 1.
“Which can I help you with?”
  • “Fast Fax,” or press 1.
  • “Eligibility and benefits,” or press 2.
  • “Claim status,” or press 3.
  • “Claims mailing address,” or press 4.
“Say or enter your tax ID number.” Say or enter your 9-digit tax identification number that is on file with Delta Dental.
“Tell us whether you are a Delta PPO, Premier or non-contracted dentist”
  • “PPO,” or press 1.
  • “Premier,” or press 2.
  • “Non-contracted,” or press 3.
“How would you like to receive this information: by fax or by email?”
  • “Fax,” or press 1.
  • “Email,” or press 2.

Additional automated service options include:

  • Claim status for the amount Delta Dental paid on a specific claim
  • Claim details for the amount Delta Dental paid per procedure

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